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You realise what’s happening here, right? Spock is talking to his dad, after everyone else has left the room, and what’s Jim doing? He’s just leaning against the wall there, waiting for Spock.  Just waiting, so they can leave together.  Just waiting for his hubby so they can go home together, as married people tend to do.  

*cries for 1701 years*


Well this was just lovely.

Kirk and Uhura as bffs, no matter what universe  :3



Awesome rant about going to the movies!

this goes for all Cinemas


Watchmen <3

Fassbender Wanted For "Robocop" Remake ▷


Michael Fassbender has emerged as director José Padilha’s apparent top choice to play the new version of “RoboCop” for MGM.

In an interview with G1 (via Bleeding Cool), Padilha says he and a writer are in Rio de Janeiro and have spent much of this month working on the script.

He’s now meeting with the studio to talk plans with filming in February or March.

omg robocop my childhood and fassy, that would be great *.*

I’m not so sure if thise film *really* needs a re-make.. it’s just that I don’t think it would fit into the 21st century but then again there would be Fassy and I can be exceptional easy when it comes to stuff like that..

I can’t find the Hot Fuzz script on the internet neither can I buy it anywhere - what kind of world is this?

Can anyone help me out?

Graduated with distinction into the Metropolitan Police Service and quickly established an effectiveness and popularity within the community. Proceeded to improve skill base with courses in advanced driving… and advanced cycling.



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